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Veto Winner...This Just In !!

Veto Winner...This Just In !!

Veto Winner!!

So with over 5 hours playing the comp we have a winner. From Our own BBB looks like there was alot of jumping on a trampoline trying to paint a painting they keep jumping to look at over the wall. Dang for 5 hours? Sounds more like a HOH First thoughts of Candice winning, but it has been Confirmed that your winner of this weeks Veto is Kaitlin. So now the Question, is she going to keep her word and not use the Veto and self evict? Because you know if she uses it on herself Jeremy will be the MVPs choice to replace. Kaitlin talking to Jeremy trying to think of a way to talk to Helen to put up Howard. But all this we shall see when and if she desides to use or not use the Veto. Then its up to Elissa to put up relacement. But just to let you know.. People think in the house that MCrea is MVP this week, Something they all worked up to get the heat of Elissa this week.
So thats it for now, Let me know what you think the next move should be.
I will keep you all up to Date when I find out myself.


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