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Veto Has been Used!

Veto Has been Used!

Today at the Power of Veto Ceremony Elissa used the Veto on herself...Shocker!!
Now with America Picking the Nominee's this week, Our next pick to go up is...GM
Dang it I was hoping for Amanda. Anyway I for one cant wait to see her Face. Ill try to find a Cap of it for you. With talking still trying to figure who is MVP.. Latest they thought it was They had been talking maybe keeping Aaryn and sending home Kaitlin. Either one I'm OK with. I don't think GM has to worry because she is not their target this week. But knowing her she might be happy cause she will get to see Nick. Yes she still pining for him. Yesterday Judd wore Nicks hat and had his blue blanket and Glasses ran around the house acting like Nick. Which started to make GM cry... Again. I'm so over this. So he had to kiss up and make her feel better as he keep saying he was Sorry. On another note..Looks like Also Candice and Howard getting pretty friendly. These two are suppose to have others on the outside.. I say not for long. So America we are still They Still don't know it was Us who picked the Nom's.

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