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The Jury House!

The Jury House!

The Jury House
Each member of the Jury lives the remainder of the Big Brother game in total seclusion, arriving in an undisclosed location, usually a tropical and beautiful house. They have access to movies and games, a pool, and a private beach, but no communication with the outside world so their votes are not tainted by behind-the-scenes information, such as secret alliances or betrayals that they may not be aware of. The Jury stays privy to house happenings in the form of a DVD brought along with the most recent evicted houseguest, showcasing competitions and other group activities. Secret meetings, Diary Room sessions, and other happenings that do not include the entire group of remaining houseguests are not disclosed.


On finale night, each Juror casts a vote for whom they would like to see be the winner of Big Brother. The votes are the names of the Final 2 written on a Key in which the juror places in the Nomination Box. In the same form of a Nomination Ceremony, the keys are removed one at a time, revealing the winner of the season

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