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The Famous Bear Shirt!

The Famous Bear Shirt!

Here it is America the famous Bear Shirt.. Brought to you by "Walmart" in Judd's southern mumble accent.
Showing he found his Bear shirt, And clearly noticing it needs washed. Even had Amanda and Jessie smell it. They

Aaryn saying ..She should wear the Bear shirt for Nomination's, so be a look out for that one.
Shoot Julie said she might wear it.. Wash it first

Elissa telling McCrae and Amanda about the Racial Comments Aaryn been Saying in the house. Elissa saying " I just don't like it"

And saying how Aaryn makes fun of Howard and Candice saying "Axe" instead of "Ask"

In a Rachel Voice... "No one comes between Me and My Man"

Kinda Creepy..I have noticed this on a few shots. If you look at the window on the left right above Ellissa's head on the left you see the Camera Mans
Jessie doing Tricks?

Amanda doing "TheBandaide Man" Song

The Bandaide Man Dance

Judd and Amanda doing some weird Improve

Well Amanda being Amanda, Running around the house with Spencer smacking some butt. Judd must be thinking.." I'm Next in like for some of that"
Really Amanda some self respect?

  1. For anyone looking for Judd's bear shirt, it doesn't exist anymore and the closet version I could find was at


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