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Talk about Stirring the Pot!

Talk about Stirring the Pot!

Wow Today has been a busy Day.. With Fights and Hash out and even the hint of another Cheating from a House Guest, Finally things get interesting as its getting closer to Jury House.
Listening to Spencer today when he was confronted by Amanda, He talks like he was in charge of the Moving Company. Sound like someone else in the house..Hint (Helen) Does anyone see Helen in the final 4?
With this in thought I think pushing Spencer out next week might just be #1 thought of the House Guests. With More House Guest over thinking the game people are second guessing there Nominations. The Knife is getting passed around in the house to stab other HG's in the back to each other. There seems to be to many Chiefs in the Big Brother House. The more Freaking out among the HG the more Target you become to vote out of the House.
After Helen went in the house to go get McCrae to check on Amanda and Calm with Now heated talk, He can only take some much and needs a break. So he meets up with Jessie and Andy in bathroom to fill them in on whats going on outside. He seems a bit stressed. Well he was called out on a few things that Amanda didn't seem to know about. Spencer is still trying to get the house to keep Howard and vote out Candice. But the house is made up, And well Howard made it easy for the house and been telling everyone to just Vote him out hes ready to go home. Howard said hes tired of all the BS in the House.
Well Howard welcome to Big Brother.

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