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Special Visitor On Big Brother

Special Visitor On Big Brother

Special Guest!
In tonights Shop Of Big Brother, HG's are going to get a suprise visit from Someone.
Yes they get to go "Back" to the house. Can anyone Guess who? No its not Elissa's Sister the famous Rachel, Not Frank, Or Ian. But Americas Favorite House Guest of Big Brother 12's .......
Brittany Haynes
Im not sure if she is visiting, doing a Video feed or what. Heard she is very pregnant.. Congrats!! Also the Veto Comp is a Baby Themed Comp. So We shall see Tonight America.
Also Big Brother is going to have a Live Chat with Jeff Schroeder on July 12.
  1. I love you Brittany and Jeff! Oh how I miss enjoying a great season of BB. We don't have that this season...there's just a bunch of annoying punks. It's embarrassing to watch and down right disgusting to stomach knowing one of these are eligible to win $500,000. Miss you Brittany!!!!

  2. true, so heres to hope one of the good people gets it.

    1. There aren't any good people in this year they are all as fake as the boobs in the house!

  3. Brittnay is my fav player out of all of the seasons. So happy for her and glad to see her on the show! Congratulations Brittnay :)


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