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Replacement UP !

Replacement UP !

With Spencer winning the POV he can either leave things as is or use it to either save someone one the block or use it on himself. Well of course we know he is saving himself from being evicted. So with that Aaryn has to put up a replacement in his place. Oh I wounder who it is...But first we take you to the HOH bathroom where yesterday morning Aaryn was doing her Practice Speech on her Replacement Nominee and why.
Now Back to she has Nominated......
So tell me with Both Howard and Candice up on the block, who will go home first?
But wait.. We heard everyone wants Howie out, But Spence went to Howard and told him he needs to be more social. That it might help his game. Is it to late for Howard? Or with everyone also so against Candice will she go home first?
Here we see Howard talking to others about why he been staying to self and how letting Candice talk for him was bad for his game. He also say he is going to be more Social with everyone and pretty much cut Candice loose to save his game.
We also got Helen talking to Andy that morning about how she don't want Aaryn in the Jury House. She wants Candice and Aaryn out before then. Helen sure is being bossy. Who Died and left her in charge? She might be careful she might be going home, Spreading yourself thin not a good idea.

Later that night Judd finally makes his move with Jessie

And as for Amanda and McCrae, well it was a bit much to comment on. To Hot and Steamy for us to Post..:)  


  1. Please America send Elissa or Helen home this week

  2. finally Judd took you long enough Jessie always wanted a showmance

  3. candice and spencer has to go before them the way the house guest talk.

  4. This season of BB cast suck. Despise most of them. Especially Aaryn, Amanda,Helen and GM..oh and elissa...Andy and Mccrae..must not forget Jessie and Judd

    1. I AGREE!! i want Howard to win it all, hopefully either candice or that slut amanda goes home!!!


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