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With the POV done and over and your winner for the comp is...
So everyone talking who is going up next to replace Spencer, and there was only one name really that stood out with everyone in the House. Candice. They been counting the votes and they figured it would be 7-1 vote, 7for Howie, 1 for Amanda, 0 for Candice. Candice will be there target for next week. Helen was so happy with the nominations she was jumping for Joy, Elissa was so humble to Aaryn. But Helen they way she talks and plots I think she thinks shes running the game.. Who do you think is really running the game?
Here is some picture before the game.

BTW didnt I say Aaryn was going to wear The Bear Shirt..lol
Judd trying to sleep in the Have Not Room
BB told him he couldn't have his Tenn Blanket. Candice told him to use it under him and he was to use the Blue Blankets. It was funny watching him try to figure how to lay on those seats. Then BB calls him in the DR right after he was comfy..lol
As the HG's was waiting for POV game to start witch was almost 2 hours long McCrae and Amanda and Andy all talking about the HGs Pictures on the Wall. Then andy breaks out with Push Ups to get him ready for the POV..lol

Its almost game time!!

Helen and Elissa doing some kind of Dance, Looked pretty weird to me.
And Speaking of Weird take a look at these Pictures.

What do you think Spencer is thinking?
That would be scary just to think what is in his mind, with some of the things that come out of his mouth.

  1. So tired of the Hoh being told who to put up. If your taken off the block you should get to put up who you want . Can't stand Helen and Amanda ruling the house

  2. I agree, but as for Helen and Aaryn I believe there was a deal made to let them help pick the Nominees. But as per the Feeds The HG's already desided who was going up before Aaryns win. Just like Candice is going up inplace of Spencer. Spencer doesn't even know that yet.


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