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Oh my Drama!

Oh my Drama!

Just when things seemed to have quieted down, the fire was stoked once again. A few nights ago a new alliance was formed with Judd, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Spencer and Howard. Judd's role in this alliance was purely to collect information for the "knockouts" alliance of Helen, Andy, Amanda, McCrae and Elissa.

The "Knockouts" decide as the result of this alliance that Kaitlin should be the one evicted this week as opposed to Aaryn. Helen began work on Elissa and how dangerous Kaitlin is with numbers behind her.   Helen explained that Aaryn is not as dangerous because she has no one, and Elissa seemed to be reluctantly on board with voting out Kaitlin.

Now lets fast forward to last night:

Elissa confronts Kaitlin about this alliance with Howard and Spencer -- it seems Elissa is beginning to question the people in her alliance and whether or not they are keeping her in the loop and being honest with her.

Kaitlin, of course, denies any involvement with ANY alliance what so ever. She even goes on to say that she will bring them in and say it in front of everyone.

Elissa tells her that she probably should because there is talk about evicting her.

Kaitlin asks who started this rumor and Elissa said she didn't know, but it could have been Aaryn, Spencer, or Howard.

During this conversation, Aaryn is listening from the bathroom -- she immediately runs upstairs to tell GinaMarie and McCrae --  McCrae then tells her to go tell Helen.

Helen and Aaryn have a conversation, both wondering what Elissa is trying to do.

Helen goes on the hunt for Elissa, finding her in the back colored room with GinaMarie.

Helen asks Elissa what she was asking Kaitlin and how it involved Aaryn.

Elissa says I wasn't talking about Aaryn, see Aaryn is lying about me again.

Elissa in a way makes it seem as if there was no conversation between her and Kaitlin. Then Aaryn comes in, followed shortly by Kaitlin, Andy and Jessie.   The conversation starts with basically Kaitlin saying she has no alliance.

Elissa says she has the right ask people questions and that's what happened.

Kaitlin goes to get Howard and Spencer in order to squash this so called rumor.

What the other house guests don't know is that before Kaitlin came into the bedroom the first time, she prepped Howard and Spencer outside.

When Kaitlin comes back, Howard, Spencer and Judd come with her.

Spencer and Howard deny any alliance, and Spencer wants to know who told Elissa that.

Elissa says she wont say names but if the person who said it wants to tell then go ahead.

As expected, no one speaks up.

Aaryn pipes in saying she doesn't like how her name got brought into it as being the rumor starter.

Elissa said Aaryn your name didn't come up, the way you got involved was talking behind my back to Helen.

Aaryn and Elissa go back and forth, getting nothing resolved or truly discussed.

In the end, no one in the alliance was willing to admit they were a part of it, and no one was willing to admit they were the ones who said it.

So after a lot of raised voices, nothing was really found out -- Everyone leaves the room aside from Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie.

Elissa heads outside with Spencer, where Spencer continues to do damage control on the alliance.

Elissa then gets into a conversation with Judd, where she says in essence that she doesn't trust him or anyone.

The night continued with the super friends deciding they need to cut Elissa sooner than later.

Somehow as the night rolls on, Amanda hears that this is all being spun back on her by Candice and Kaitlin. She confronts them and they seem legitimately confused.

Again a lot of confrontation with nothing but tension left behind.

Could this be the end of Elissa's game in the BB house or will she survive this?

What do you think she needs to do to fix this?

I guess the real question is will she want to fix it?

Tell me what you think!

  1. I wish I had more time to watch the live feeds!

    1. I will keep the updates coming on what happens if anything happens today!

  2. Time for Elissa to go.

  3. Aaryn has NO alliance?? I do think Kaitlin in going, and Elissa is probably next.

  4. I heard a few nights ago Elissa cussed on production, one by one, saying FU to each before she was called into the DR. How out of control is that!!


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