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Nominations and MVP are in!

Nominations and MVP are in!

 Helen has been talking to Elissa and Amanda and Candice on who should go up.And she has choosen Aaryn and Kaitlin.
Hearing Helen and Elissa talking up in HOH room trying to figure out who to put up if someone in their group wins POV. You hear Spencer being a Pawn, Howard's name. They are trying to figure out how to Back Door Jeremy. Then GM comes knocking at the door to start talking about nick, and i think she up there to kiss butt. But Elissa and Helen want to try to get GM on there side to help with the votes. So now for the MVP, Well America You did it again.....

So for the 3rd time America you have choose Elissa.. OK I see you all have a favorite and so far she doing pretty good with her choices. But lets choose someone New. Maybe Helen or lets try Candice. So remember and know We will not let Aaryn or GM or Kaitlin or Jeremy MVP. We pick who we want. But again I say lets let someone else have a chance America.

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