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More Alliance Talk

More Alliance Talk

The Main Alliances of the HG's have been talking about who should Aaryn put up this week. Elissa been on everyones mind. But they all decided she isn't there target right now. They see Howard, Spencer and Candice. Since all of them lied about the Alliance with Kaitlin. We know Amanda and McCrae been gunning for Howard anyway, And for Spencer he just down right lies to everyone, and his mouth towards women he should have soap in his mouth all the time. Always talking Sexual comments towards the ladies of the House. So with all agreeing, Howard and Spencer is going up. Will be interesting to see who America has for the Third Vote. Yesterday Julie said that Aaryn was Americas number 1 pick to Evict, then Elissa and GM. I for see this week being names of Elissa, Amanda, Candice, Since the other names will be Nominated by Aaryn. Have Not Comp up also, Judd said he would be one since he hasn't already. Aary been bragging she been HOH twice and Have so far in Game she is doing good. Hope that changes she needs to be a Have Not. But i must say shes been not to bad last few weeks. Howard has been keeping Candice close to him cause he doesn't want her to "Blow Up" at anyone and run her mouth and cause problems, She been sticking to him like Glue. Showmance? I'm seeing it, She is always there.
Has his mind somewhere else at the moment..

Talking game


Praying for the Night
Candice telling Howard to get off of her, shes pissed he said she needs to just Chill because she will blow up at people talking about her.

Both of them talking about Votes and all the talk about the Alliances.

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