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Mad Scramble

Mad Scramble

The veto has been used and Candice has been named the replacement. The scramble to secure votes is already in full effect. Judd and Andy have lied to Spencer telling him they will vote out Amanda. Spencer now thinks that he has Judd, Andy, Jessie, GinaMarie and himself to keep both Candice and Howard in the game. Unfortunately, unless Judd and Andy are lying to Amanda, (which I doubt since Andy is telling her everything), any optimism is pointless. This also means that Howard will be fully blindsided this week. These house guests appear to love blindsiding people.

There have been lies spreading that Candice threatened both Helen and Jessie about voting out Amanda. They claim she said if they didn't vote out Amanda, she was coming after them. Of course that is not how either conversation went. Candice was trying to find out if Helen and Jessie were still on board to get Amanda out like they had talked about a week ago. I think Jessie and Helen are just trying to make sure any spotlight is way away from them.

Amanda seems to be pretty worried and even argued with McCrae last night. McCrae was telling her not to worry and Amanda stormed off from him, but not before asking him if he had any other secrets. When McCrae and Amanda join back up, Amanda is apologizing, telling him that she is just worried. She asks him if he loves her and he says yes, and she tells him she loves him too. Yes after 38 days, they are in love. They then reaffirmed the trust they have in each other.

Amanda has already been talking to Andy, Judd, Jessie and Helen and all within a 10 minute span. 

Amanda is getting very paranoid, which is never good in the Big Brother house. Do you think they would really vote her out this week? Could the plan really work in Howard and Candice's favor?

  1. Can anyone explain Coup de Etat?

    1. The Coup de Etat was used in season 11, and America voted to give it Jeff Schroeder. It basically gave him the power to replace both nominees on eviction night. He used this at the time to put both Jesse and his closest ally Natalie. The house ended up voting out Jesse.


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