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Live Eviction Tonight!!

Live Eviction Tonight!!

With tonight's Live Eviction the House Guest's should find out who MVP is for this week, and I'm sure most know or have figured it out that America had it due to the Nominations that came up. This week has been filled with fights, speculations on who was MVP, lots of going back and forth of who will be going home, Katilin or Aaryn. But all have got together today to get their votes in for Katilin. See Jeremy told you she be right behind you soon..
I gave some pictures of the HG's getting ready for Tonight's Show and then still talking Votes to make sure all is clear on what they are doing.
Here is some last minute talks going on. Looks like Spencer and Andy not dressing up Tonight.


Awwe Look at Howie helping Candice with her Outfit.
Girls Getting Ready. Katilin looks like she going to Hit the Streets.. Maybe after the show with Jeremy. I'm sure he will be around
Howie helping Candice out.

GM tucking in.

GM helping Katilin with a mark on her leg, and can Katilins Dress be a little shorter?
Yep it

Spencer and Howard talking Votes. And what is with that hat
Everyone Getting Ready for the Live Show.
Does Andy have any nice Clothes?

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