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Live Eviction Tonight!!

Live Eviction Tonight!!

With Live Evictions going on tonight, Everyone knows who is going home.
TC Jeremy we wont miss you!! I been seeing news that Aaryn's family has hired a PR person to help Aaryn when she gets out, to help fix the whole she has dug for herself with her mouth while in the Big Brother House. Do you think it will help her? I believe the Damage has already been done and nothing will work to "Fix" That. Same for GM. And as for Spencer, I believe he has calmed down with his words and saying things about Andy. And well as for Jeremy, we will see Tonight when he walks out how he will be treated. So for a funny Note, I saw these Pictures on the Big Brother Site on Facebook and wanted to share with you, I died laughing when i saw them.. Good ones Big

What do you think of these that Big Brother made?... 


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