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Keep My Name Out Your Mouth!

Keep My Name Out Your Mouth!

The firework show has officially started in the BB house. First up was Amanda and Spencer in the backyard, Amanda is confronting Spencer about trying to rally the votes to get her out. An accusation that Spencer calls false. (Which is a blatant lie.) He tells Amanda he would rather Candice went home and that Howard stay. He states that Howard on the other hand would rather go home than have Candice voted out because his conscience wont let him stay instead of her. He tells Amanda at one point to shut up and listen to him. He tells her he is not a punk b**ch and he can think for himself and doesn't want her trying to tell him what to do. They go back and forth, always coming back to Spencer trying to get Amanda out, and Spencer continues to deny it. The backyard starts to draw a crowd, as Helen, Elissa and McCrae join Judd who has been enjoying the show all along. Helen was actually the one to wake McCrae to come to defend Amanda, who needed no defending. Spencer denies in front of everyone that there is any master plan to evict Amanda. When things seems to be cooling down, everyone heads inside except Amanda and Spencer. Amanda tells Spencer that he is trusting people he shouldn't be (meaning Judd and Andy) and that she knows the whole plan that he is scheming to get her out. Again, Spencer denies it. She then tells him if on Thursday, there are zero votes to evict her, she will know she can trust him, otherwise he could consider himself her target.

Andy finds out that Amanda has told Spencer she knows the plan and is not very happy. He feels like she has thrown Judd and himself under the bus. Which is fair.

All the while, Candice has been sleeping. Once she is awake, she hears that Spencer has said to Amanda that he wants Candice out. She hears this from multiple people and gets fed up.  She decides to call a house meeting. These house meetings are always sure to bring lots of drama. Once all the house guests have gathered around the backyard couch, Candice confronts Spencer. Spencer does not deny that he said he would rather Candice go than Howard. Candice then brings up the conversation they had last night where they were agreeing to work together to get Amanda out. Spencer says that is not true. Which Candice responds with, so you didn't say you hoped she choked on her spit and died or that her boob popped on the way out? Spencer says all Candice is trying to do is make him look bad, Candice says, no Spencer, everyone knows the real Spencer, we just wish the real Spencer would please stand up.She then tells Spencer she will ask him one more time to "Keep my name out your mouth." She says this several times during the house meeting. She tells him in the next HOH, he better hold on for dear life (they think it will be endurance) because she is coming after him. And she says she will be happy to tell Julie that she votes to evict the Brawny man. She then tells Howard that she will not allow him to tell people to vote him out. She says then to everyone else, vote to keep whoever you want to play the game with. She ends her meeting.

Right when her meeting ends, Howard speaks up, tells her thank you for being loyal to me. He says he is ready to go home because he can't play this game and stay true to himself. He says he respects everyone but wants them to be their own people and quit letting 4 people control the house (Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa.) Howard goes on about his morals and beliefs and he will go home knowing he made his family proud, and that's what everyone should be trying to do.He then closes his portion of the meeting.

After all this, the house is still set to evict Howard and looks as if Spencer is on the agenda to evict next week granted he doesn't win HOH. I imagine there will be more drama to come in the next two days.

  1. She looks like Steve Urkel in this picture.

  2. i hate Amanda and Helen. Both them hoes need to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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