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Judd's Out and Aaryn's In

Judd's Out and Aaryn's In

The Goof Troop was formed several weeks ago, it consisted of Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd. The members of the Goof Troop are getting suspicious of Judd. Its actually pretty comical because it was Judd's job, along with Andy, to pretend to be voting with Spencer, to keep Howard and Candice, but now they are getting paparnoid about it. Its funny how the smallest things can send these house guests into a tailspin.

So with all this doubt encompassing Judd, the Goof Troop has decided to drop him, and they asked Aaryn to take his spot in their final four. Its interesting that Aaryn went from #1 target to a final four deal, don't you think?

Spencer is still working hard to secure both Candice and Howard and continuing being lied to. Candice and Spencer had a heart to heart where Spencer apologized for anything he had said, for example calling her Candy Land, and that it was all in good fun. They understand that they are on the same team and need to play that way. At this point Howard will still be the one leaving the house on Thursday. Of course though, nothing is 100% sure until the votes are cast. Stay tuned!

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