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Jeremy talks on OMG Inside.

Jeremy talks on OMG Inside.


Yes Bye Bye Jeremy.. And Hello to the many interviews he will have. Most have been asking about did you know about all the Racist comments by your fellow House Guest. Of course talking mostly of Aaryn and GM. He was on OMG Insider Tonight talking about his game, What his plans was going into the game and what has happened in the game. Saying "It is what it is, and I'm going to keep my head up." about being evicted and being on the outside of the Big Brother House. He was shown clips of the Comments that was made by Aaryn and GM towards Andy and Candice and Helen. He Said "I didn't hear any of those, I would've of not said any of those that's for sure. I'm just glad I wasn't a part of it.". But he has said his own comments about other HG's also lets not forget. He was also asked about did he know that Aaryn and GM has been fired from their jobs. Jeremy Commented "I think when they get out they have a Rude awaking, and i feel sorry for them. They made their own beds now they have to lay in it." He also went on to say he went in with the thought to use girls as pawns but Katilin went from a pawn to a Queen. So we all just wait and see how that works out. With her up on the block again, they might be together real soon. All I can say is Good Luck Jeremy!

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