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It has been another crazy week in the Big Brother house! And to think we are only TWO weeks in. The week started with a fight instigated by Aaryn over a bottle of wine. Jeremy verbally assaulted Elissa, Andy, Helen, McCrae and Candice, all while Aaryn stood happily near by. Of course we all know this fight truly had nothing to do with the bottle of wine, it was more of a way for Beiber Fever to flex their muscles and say "Hey, we are running this place." The fact that Jeremy took the bottle in the first place further proves this.

After Jeremy and Aaryn won the HOH competition, and Jeremy gave the HOH to Aaryn, the muscle flex continued. While everyone assumed that Elissa would be one nomination, everyone seemed to be worried who would be the 2nd. One by one, Jeremy and Aaryn pulled every houseguest upstairs and in nothing short of bullying told them if they did not vote Elissa out this week, they would be the next target. See, they already know the future, that they will once again be in power next week. Elissa was the only one that seemingly refused to sit down for a chat with them. Which Aaryn claims is why she was put up. Right...nothing personal there at all. As a collective decision between Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlyn, it was decided Helen was the best option. Then Elissa as the MVP, selected Jeremy as the third nomination.

POV was played and Jeremy won, just as he had promised. Making it an uphill battle for Elissa. It really has become apparent now that if the Moving Company sticks together, they will be able to run this house. They will always be the majority in votes unless of course someone wises up to their game. Candice is already getting suspicious, but is relaying her thoughts to Howard, which of course is a member of the Moving Company. Even if the houseguests, Judd, Andy, Helen, Candice, and Amanda decided to keep Elissa, they would need a moving company vote to secure her. The only way going forward to start knocking out the moving company is someone has to put up multiple members, but they have done a great job of each getting side alliances to ensure that does not happen. How the houseguests will survive them will be interesting? Tell me what you think, who of the moving company would be the first to turn on them?

  1. A week's rundown and not one mention made of the racist and homophobic behavior exhibited by several house guests. If we are to be watching real game play, include all aspects of game play, including the ignorant intolerant HGs. Why should these nobodies be given a free pass regarding their behavior. If large corporations saw fit to recently cut ties with Paula Deen, CBS should cut ties with certain house guests. Just flat out get rid of them. Paula Deen was a huge moneymaker for many of the companies that dropped her like a hot potato. But they did the right thing. Moral compass trumps money. Moral compass ought to trump television ratings, as well. Doing the right thing might elevate respect and pride. Keeping a pack of racists in the house demeans and sours CBS and the Big Brother franchise.

    1. I totally agree with you. I did not touch on the racist and homophobic comments because others on this blog had previously mentioned it. Rest assured, I found the comments some houseguests make to be appalling and show they lack a true conscience.

  2. This is America where there is Freedom of speech.hasnt everyone in the world said things they regret?thou shalt not judge.paula deen said the word ten yrs ago.if we punish now then why not punish African American rappers for using the word.have their labels drop them & strip them of their royalties.

  3. WEll Some people Dont like the use of African American some feel its a racial Comment. They prefer Black American, Because we know most all Blacks in the US are Born US Americans not African. Yes there is Freedom of Speach, But come on Have respect of others for their Believes and Race. Do we not all Bleed Red? Have Some Common Sence and Respect for Others, Thats what is lacking from Some Americans. But for CBS to allow this to continue is just Wrong.


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