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Is Judd Loosing it?

Is Judd Loosing it?

I'm Begining to wonder about Judd. He seems to over thinking allot lately. He is so stuck on Howard being Coup d'Etat (pronounced koo-day-tah). For the past week or so House guest been talking about different "Powers" That maybe some house guest might have. This Past few days he seems to be fixated on him having the Coup d'Etat. He is worrying himself to death about these Powers. And I believe its effecting his game badly. Today Judd and Andy was talking outside and that's all he kept talking about. I don't know about you but Judd needs to snap out of it or from what i see and hear he might be out sooner then later. I could tell Andy was tired of hearing it, I know i was. There has even been a shift of final 4 because of Judd's game thinking, As you can read on previous Blog Post from Amy V.
Judd deep in thought about what his next move should be.
To be he looks like he needs a nap.

The final 4 that Judd is working himself out of Quick.
Talking about snap out of it, lets try smack out of it. Judd sitting on that couch so long this morning hes swatting flies.. Yep hes loosing it. He sat out there on that couch forever it seems just thinking, Quiet and a swatting. Someone go knock some sense in that Country Boy!!
Guess who i found lurking in the dark earlie this morning?
I swear hes stalking Someone. Who do you think this time?

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