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Howard Calls a House Meeting...

Howard Calls a House Meeting...

Howard called a house meeting last night. He wanted to make sure everyone knew he was his own man and that he wasn't going to let anyone push him around. He also said no one was holding his d**k, which I believe was a jab at McCrae. I think his intention was to kind of rally the troops, basically make them stand up for themselves instead of running scared and playing someone else's game. In the end, it did really nothing. It does sound though like some people, Helen, Elissa, and Andy, are thinking it may not be a bad idea to keep Howard over Spencer. Candice is also pulling heart strings saying that Howard is in a bad financial position at home and needs to at least make it to jury. She also wants to get to jury with him so they can spend more time together.

Veto is played today as well as America's choice for the third nominee will be revealed. Should prove to be another interesting week in the BB house, seems this season no one is going down without swinging.

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