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HOH Winner!!

HOH Winner!!

Now as we hit Our 3rd HOH Comp, Things Heating up. Big Brother Buddy Anounced that the Comp is All about using your head in a game of Memory, True or False. From what I have been gathering is that Jeremy thinks he is Safe in that house, We shall see. Well Aaryn not playing in this weeks HOH  Who do you think is the smartest and has good Memory in this game?

Well the Winner is.....................
Way to Go Helen
Look out House Guest things going to change now. This is just what needed to happen.
Maybe now lets see Aaryn and Jeremy sweat. What do you think will be her moves


  1. I would put aaryn and ginamarie up and MVP should put up kaitlyn then whoever wins veto, take one of them down (not aaryn) & backdoor jeremy!!

  2. Well you was close.. But either way Jeremy is goneee.


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