Happy Birthday to McCrae and Congrats are in order! - Big Brother Buddy


Happy Birthday to McCrae and Congrats are in order!

Happy Birthday to McCrae and Congrats are in order!

Sunday was McCrae's 24th birthday and the houseguests were determined to make it unforgettable. The night started with Amanda trying on different outfits to go along with the plan that Spencer and Howard put together to hold McCrae down on the bed and allow Amanda to give him some birthday spankings. Amanda dressed as a dominatrix and came up the stairs behind Spencer and Howard who were wearing bandanas over their faces at midnight on the 21st. As they held McCrae up and Candice tied his feet with a belt, Amanda began with 24 kisses on McCrae's chest and stomach. Then Howard and Spencer threw him on the bed where Amanda spanked him with a spatula turned whip 24 times. All the houseguests cheered and counted out the spankings. Everyone but Helen and Judd, who were on punishments from the POV competition were in attendance. It appeared the Elissa and Amanda had been drinking a little. Elissa was trying to be funny and when Amanda mentioned covering herself with whipped cream, Elissa stated that would make her vomit. Elissa immediately said she was kidding, and Amanda said of course I know you are. Then Amanda left the HOH with Aaryn and proceeded to start talking about how mean Elissa was. This turned in to Amanda crying in the bathroom with Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin each taking their turn to badmouth Elissa. Candice came in with Andy and Candice was none too pleased. The conversation turned to who Andy would sleep with among the boys, and Howard was listed as last as Andy said he wasn't that interested in black guys, just wasn't his preference. Aaryn then said why can he say that but every time I say something its gets blown up into racism. Candice looked at Aaryn and just simply said muzzle. That ended with Candice and Andy leaving the room to go to bed.

A birthday dinner was planned for McCrae, but his only birthday request was a date alone with Amanda. McCrae and Amanda had dinner served to them by Aaryn and Howard while downstairs a plan was being carried out. McCrae had plans to ask Amanda to be his BB15 wife and Elissa helped to pull it together. Elissa helped him make the ring, out a twist tie and fake diamond earring. Elissa prepped some aluminum foil with the words Will you be my BB15 wife on the kitchen table. From the spy cams in the HOH, McCrae shows Amanda, and then gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Amanda very happily accepts. They head downstairs then to share their very happy news. Everyone but GinaMarie seemed thrilled for them. GinaMarie was a little on the jealous side. A BB wedding is in the works. Sounds like the plan is to get them hitched on Tuesday. Elissa will serve as the Matron of Honor and Judd the best man. Candice will be designing the wedding dress. Howard will lead the prayer while Andy officiates. Should be fun! Do you think these two would make a good real life couple?

As far as eviction is concerned, sounds like some houseguests are pushing to get Kaitlin evicted instead of the planned Aaryn. We will see how that plays out the next few days.

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