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Golden Power of Veto, Pandora's Box Talk.

Golden Power of Veto, Pandora's Box Talk.

There has been lots of talking about Special Powers that they first thought Elissa Had, Then Howie and now maybe Candice. The are trying to see if it could be the....
 Golden Power of Veto
Rules of the Golden Power of Veto
The Big Brother Coup D’etat was first introduced back in Season 7 All-Stars. The Coup D’etat is a power that grants the winning house guests the ability to Veto any nominations moments before the live eviction ceremony. The power basically means that the HOH and Power of Veto from that week would be completely ignored. In addition to being able to change the nominations the Coup ‘etat holder also has the power to nominate new house guests of their choice for eviction. The only stipulation is that the replacement nominees cannot be the reigning HOH or the Power of Veto holder. Also the recipients of the power must keep it a secret from the other house guests until moments before it is being used, otherwise they will forfeit the right to use the power. Originally in Big Brother 7 All-Stars the Coup D’etat was a prize, however, when the twist returned in Season 11 it was a power that America voted for a house guest to receive.
Diamond Power of Veto

The Diamond Power of Veto or “DPOV” for short is one of 2 game changing powers present in the Big Brother game. It’s been seen twice, first introduced during season 4 and again in season 12. During Big Brother 4 the diamond power of veto was awarded in the place of a regular Golden Power of Veto (Episode 28). This happened During final 4 so it was essential the same as a regular “Golden” Power of veto because there was only one possible person to put up for eviction. The DPOV essentially allows the wearer to override ONE of the HOH nominations and appoint whoever they want up for eviction. Compare this to the regular Power of Veto where the winner can save one nominee but the Head of Household gets to choose the replacement nomination
The Coup d' Etat
The Coup d'Etat (pronounced koo-day-tah) is a power given to a houseguest. Its first appearance in Big Brother was as a prize in Big Brother All Stars. The power appeared once again in Big Brother 11; The holder of the power was chosen by America. The holder of the Coup d'Etat has the power to overthrow the HOH's nominations. They are also able to name their own replacement nominees. However, they may not choose the current HOH or POV Holder. It shares similarities to the The Diamond Power of Veto. However, the holder can remove two nominees and replace them with two other House Guests (minus the HOH and POV Holder), as opposed to the Diamond Power of Veto, which can only remove one nominee and replace them with another.
And How can we forget Pandora's Box
O wait that's not it :)
This is Pandora's Box and A Tale Tale Sign for the HOH.
Pandora's Box is a mysterious door with a golden ? mark on it that is found in the HOH room on occasion, making its first appearances in Big Brother during season 11. This borrows from the Greek myth of a box that contained all the evils in the world disguised as something good. If opened, the evils would be unleashed upon the world, but possibly bring something good with it as well. This holds true in Big Brother, for when the Box is opened, it unleashes something good onto to Head of Household and treacherous unto the House, or something good onto the house and something bad for the HOH.

So Do you thinkOne of theses Powers are going to be in Big Brother this year?
Anything is possiable America. Just lets not hope Jessie will be back or Rachel as some of the HG are guessing since Elissa is in the House. Who or what do you think will be in the Box this Year?
Other Comps that can happen in the big brother is of course the....

Food and luxury

Food and luxury competitions have been a part of the series since it first premiered. In early seasons, the losers of the food competition would be placed on a peanut butter and jelly diet, and would not be permitted to eat any other foods. Beginning in the seventh season, the losers of the competition were required to eat "Big Brother Slop" for food. Slop has proven to be an issue for some HouseGuests; Hypoglycemic HouseGuest Amanda Hansen fainted and had a seizure after only a few days of being on the slop diet, while HouseGuest Allison Nichols had an allergic reaction to the slop. Both women were medically evacuated from the house, though they returned the following morning. Beginning in the eleventh season, the food competitions became known as the Have-Not competitions,[HouseGuests who choose to break the slop rule are punished by Big Brother. HouseGuest Jen Johnson was the first HouseGuest to break the food restriction rules, and earned a penalty eviction vote for doing so; she was ultimately evicted that week. HouseGuests Jeff Schroeder and Kevin Campbell also broke the rules, to a lesser degree, and earned an extra day on the slop diet. The HouseGuests also frequently compete in luxury competitions during their time in the house. Most frequently, HouseGuests will compete for the right to watch a film or television show in the house. When competitions for films or television shows occur, an actor or actress from the series may enter the house to host the competition or speak with the HouseGuests. Actors such as Jeremy Piven, David Hasselhoff, and Neil Patrick Harris have all entered the house to participate in luxury comps.

Next Blog... The Jury House Information.

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