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Final 4 ?

Final 4 ?

Final 4
As the game sits right now, I'm going to say..
This is my pick for Final 4 .
But as we all know things change at a moments notice.
So who do you think will be the Final 4 for Big Brother 15?

  1. IF BB AND PRODUCTION KNEW JEREMY CHEATED IN INE HOH COMPITITION THEN WHY HAS THERE BEEN NO PUNISHMENT FOR IT? They dish out punishments to everyone else for their cheating and or. MISTALES SO I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS. THEY CHEATED AND WERE CAUGHT AND EVEN VIEWER POLLS VOTED TO PUNISH THEM YET NOTHING HAS BEEN SAID AND THEY ARE STILL BULLYING AND THREATENING EVERYONE ELSE WITH NO PUNISHMENTS. IS THE SHOW ACTUALLY FIXED SND GEARED FAVORABLY TO THOSE PEOPLE? I would assume this show would be fair since the public can see it. How long. Do they think the public will continue to watch knowing certain ones can cheat and bully and think its ok?

  2. I agree, its not right. Not sure why nothing has been done and that will be left on CBS's shoulders and the lack of veiwers might make a difference. Then again maybe they just want to be done with it this year, because I for one thinks this group is out of control with their Threats and language and racial slirs.


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