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Fights, Fights and Oh, More Fights!

Fights, Fights and Oh, More Fights!

Wow'o'wow, what a crazy night! The night was everything that was expected and more. First fight of the night started between Jessie, Aaryn and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn and Aaryn are calling Jessie out for flipping on their "alliance." Jessie tells them that she will talk to them when they want to have a mature conversation and leaves the room. For some reason this upsets Gina Marie, who wants to be sure none of her words are twisted. She comes out of the colored room to find McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Jessie, Elissa and Judd. She says she wants to be sure Jessie is not out there running her mouth and also ends up talking about Nick and crying some more. The fight is far from over, and when Jessie comes in to clean some things up, Kaitlyn and Aaryn start back up again. They just want to understand how Jessie could turn on them. Jessie explains she was always on the lowest on the totem pole and that you couldn't really call her a part of the alliance. After things get pretty heated, Judd comes in and whisks Jessie away.

While Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Gina Marie and Jeremy hang out in the colored room, they continue to stew over the fact that they were lied to. Out of spite, Aaryn, who is resting on Howard and Candice's bed, decides to flip their mattress on its side. They all get a good laugh out of that. Sometime later when Candice comes in and discovers her bed, Kaitlyn, Gina Marie and Jessie are the only ones in the room. When Candice asks who has done this to the bed, Jessie says she just got in there and Kaitlyn and Gina Marie play dumb. When Aaryn and Jeremy are back in the room, Candice, who has fixed the mattress says, if the mattress is messed with again, there will be a problem. Aaryn eggs her on, saying, “Whatchu gon do gurrl? Where’s yo class?” with GinaMarie chiming in, “You want the black to come out?” Candice takes great offense to this and bites back. The bickering goes on back and forth and Candice asks Jessie to get Howard. Jessie is afraid to leave her bed because there had been word that her bed was being stolen by Jeremy and Kaitlyn. Gina Marie says you don't need Howard, and Candice fires back with well, you don't need Nick either. This really upsets Gina Marie, causing her to get up and get in Candice's face, where they scream at each other. Howard then comes in and literally picks Candice up and takes her out of the room. Candice and Howard head to the have not room where they discuss the racist and derogatory comments that Aaryn has made. Candice is getting sick of just sitting back and taking it, Howard explains that they have to. They just can't let them win, and upsetting her will make them feel as if they won.

Since Jessie is sitting in the room, laying claim to her bed, things start up again with her, Kaitlyn and Aaryn. Overhearing this, Amanda comes in to defend Jessie. She basically calls them hypocrites and that they cant blame Jessie for flipping when they were treating her so poorly. Aaryn says that Amanda has said plenty of things about Jessie, but Amanda counters with, sure, but nothing I haven't said to her face. Things get kind of crazy, and Amanda brings back up that Aaryn says very racists things. She says that Aaryn needs to be aware that the show is portraying her as a racist, as they have all be questioned about her racist comments. Aaryn once again says she has never said or done anything remotely racist or derogatory and is really hurt that Amanda would make that known on national television. She says that title is something that can last a lifetime. Amanda and Jessie end up leaving the room.

Aside from the above fights, there was one more minor conversation that turned to an argument between Aaryn and Amanda. At the end of this Amanda and Aaryn just had to agree to disagree as they are never going to see things in the same way. There may be more to come as the week continues. It should prove to be a very interesting week.

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