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Cheating in the Big Brother House again?

Cheating in the Big Brother House again?

Before all the blow ups from Amanda and Spencer and Candice, There was speculation that there was Cheating from the Have Nots. Rumor has it at 8:28 am GM got up and went to the storage and Drank some sprite. I read they are not to have Carbonized Drinks during there have not week. So this is a No No and could result in a extend stay in Have Nots or maybe some other punishment. I also read that GM is been not feeling well and having some kind of Gas problems that she needs Carbonized Drink to help.. (Burp) So i wanted to check this out myself.
Ok America mind you this is what their Sprite Bottles look like and have in the House.
Here is GM getting waking up minutes before going to the storage.
Before that you can see she is tossing a bit in her Chair Bed.

GM in the Storage room looking for something in the Cabinet..Maybe antacid's.?
Please over look the bad hair :)
And here at 8:28 am she decides after not finding anything in the Cabinet, to get a Drink in the Refrigerator. This is where they believe she cheated. Is that sprite or is it Seltzer water? (carbonized Drink)
Another look at the bottle..

Does that look like a Sprite Bottle to you? I think Not.
GM Your good on this one, Carry on.   :)

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