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Candice and Howie.

Candice and Howie.

After a rough night with Howie, Candice confronted Helen in the Bathroom. Pissed about saying people saying she said things, Helen acting like she didn't know what she was talking about.
Then Candice runs up to Aaryn, and starts to spill everything she knows, saw and heard since the game started it sounded like. Aaryn just saying uhuh.. She also said that the others just use Aaryn and GM as pawns.
Candice went in to the kitchen to tell Howie she wanted to talk to him in the Have Not Room.
And you see Howie giving Candice a little Squeeze, and she walks back to get ready for the Comp Today.
Candice Tells Howie that she talked to helen and Aaryn and confronted them about what people been saying about her.
Candice also says to Howie that Amanda and McCrae think they are running the house, But its really Helen running things.
Howie telling Candice that its Me and You. That he will fight for her. He doesn't want her to go home. Saying to her if she wins POV not to use it on him. Shes afraid she will be back doored.
Candice tells Howie that something just doesn't feel right and asks him to tell her the truth. She thinks he doesn't tell her everything because she would confront and or go off on HG's. Howie tells her hes 100% sure, He tells her "I need you to be with me."
Everyone knows Howie been Throwing the Comps, but now with him on the block is he going to come out guns blazing to save himself in the POV. What do you think?


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