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Busy Day of Alliances

Busy Day of Alliances

After HOH its been a busy day for all and for HOH Aaryn. With everyone coming to her trying to save themselves with allot of He said She said stuff. I will try to fill you in with Pictures.
There was allot of One on Ones with Aaryn.
Amanda trying to tell Aaryn about Spencer and Howard's Alliance  
This is a shocker.. Maybe not.. Jessie confesses to Aaryn that McCrae is Gorgeous
Look out Amanda someone lusting after your man. Poor Judd.

GM talking game to Aaryn and Aaryn confessing she is not a Business Major but a psych major.
Gm did her fair share of Talking Game to others as Well.

Howie trying to cover his butt about this *Not True* Alliance he had with Spencer Candice and Kaitlin. But we know the Truth.
Then we have the Pow Wows talking about Spencer and Howard and Candice
Talking about Elissa the crazy lady and Aaryn.
More Talk on Elissa and what to do with her. And who should go up next.
More Game Talk..Elissa is on everyone's Tongue. And how she is telling things about Alliances she should have kept Secret. 
Helen Throwing Elissa under bus. Candice doing a little Threatening about knowing about the Alliances.
Helen talking about Elissa shut up already..lol Telling her to let it go about Aaryn.
To stop Talking to Candice and others not in the Alliance. Watch what you say.



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