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After the POV and who's wearingThe Bear Shirt Now!!

After the POV and who's wearingThe Bear Shirt Now!!

After they came in from the POV comp, everyone was gathering in the kitchen. But wait We are missing someone....Howard. Not sure where he took off to but when Feeds came back on he wasn't with the others.
As they all start to go there own way, you see groups of HG's going to rooms to talk about the next moves. And Aaryn gives Spencer a Hug for his Win of POV.
In the Cockpit Jessie found Howie, Which he is spending allot of time in there. Its also the Have Not Room, Which Candice is a Have not for the second week. If you haven't noticed, Howard doesn't talk game much to anyone but Candice. He stays to himself or with Candice. He's a man of not many words. Do you think that will help his Game? The HG's was saying also that Howard didn't play good in the Comp. Hes said to Candice he is ready to go home.
Jessie saying she is sorry for Howie not winning the POV. He tells her its ok.
She says to Howie that she knows he needs the money, with his Football Career falling through due to his many injury's, he needed the money at least stay till jury. Which I heard one of the HG saying each Jury member gets $13,000, Not bad I'd say.
Jessie gets all emotional with Howie as they talk
Feeling bad for Him, and Not wanting him to go.
Howard hugs Jessie saying its all right.

Howie prays as Jessie gathers herself before she leaves the room.
Later in the day Amanda goes in to talk to Howard. Trying to see if he is MVP like most think he is, But after Amanda's talk with Howard she knows he doesn't have MVP. Speculation moves to Candice.
And here is the next to wear The Bear Shirt..
Whos going to be next?

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