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Aaryn CAN keep her word!

Aaryn CAN keep her word!

Aaryn said before nominations that she would nominate Howard and Spencer, and not do what she personally wanted to, which was nominate Elissa and Candice. When feeds came back from nominations, it turns out Aaryn actually followed through and has nominated Howard and Spencer. Helen is pretty happy, jumping up and down in the HOH. Aaryn and Elissa were even able to hug it out, while Elissa thanked her for not putting her up. Judd and McCrae celebrated in the storage room. Everyone aside from Candice, Spencer and Howard seem pretty happy that Aaryn followed through. Will Aaryn be able to actually redeem herself in this game or will the other house guests cut her as soon as they have the chance?

Have nots have been decided as well, looks like Judd, Amanda, Candice and GinaMarie will be getting the pleasure of slop as well as America's choice of raisins and ramen for the week!

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