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Something big is brewing....

Something big is brewing....

What seemed as if it were a sure thing on Thursday, has changed dramatically since then, as we know happens frequently in the Big Brother house. Opinions change with the wind. The house was bound and determeined to get Elissa out….but wait….were they as a whole? Whispers started with Spencer, who appears to be the mouth piece for the five person alliance of Spencer, Howard, Jeremy, McCrae, and Nick, who have named themselves The Moving Company. Spencer began with Andy, whom he has gotten fairly close with, saying to him that he didn’t understand the desire to oust Elissa. His opinion was why evict a player that is one, a big target and two, a weak girl, while passing on the stronger guy, David. Andy concurred that it did not make much sense but he would vote with the house, another popular stance among the house guests. As the whispered conversations continued down the line, with Judd, Amanda, and Helen, it was apparent that the rest of the house agreed that David was a much bigger threat to keep in the house than Elissa. Spencer also believed that if Elissa is truly the MVP, that they should nurture her basically making her MVP nomination the Moving Company's. Nick seems to be the brains behind this operation, he explains to Spencer, that division in the house was necessary and voting out David would create mass chaos, which was also needed. Nick seems the quiet contemplative guy. Interesting what is going on behind the curtain there, do you agree? The Bieber Fever, (as they have been coined), of Aaryn, David, Kaitlyn,and Jessie will be blindsided if this plan remains intact until Wednesday. It seems that even Jeremy is involved in this plan to evict David, even though he is part of Bieber Fever. Should be a wild eviction night!

Love is in the air in the Big Brother house, yet again. Amanda and McCrae were kissing, which McCrae has vowed to her will not happen again and that it was stupid. We shall see if that remains true. And another showmance is starting between Nick and Ginamarie. The outspoken New Yorker seems to have attracted the quiet and reserved guy. This is still in the beginning stages and should prove to be entertaining. Do you think Big Brother tried to make this the season of love? You can’t help but think that because there are so many young singles contestants. Tell me what you think?

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