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Flock to Unlock

Flock to Unlock

     Flock to Unlock is a new Twitter hash tag that CBS is using to get fans of the show Tweeting! Apparently, there will be a photo booth in which house guests will be taking pictures of themselves throughout the whole season. We are not sure if this will replace the HOH Sunday Photo camera but sure hope it does not. Here is more info on the Photobooth from CBS's press release:
Flock to Unlock and the BIG BROTHER Photo Booth: Fans will have opportunities to use the power of Twitter to access exclusive photos from inside the house. New this season, the BIG BROTHER house will also feature a photo booth where House Guests will take exclusive photos to share with fans on CBS.com.
We hope that CBS continues to give the HOH a Camera to take pictures in different part of the house, not just a static background. Not sure if this will get more people tweeting, but curious to see how this turns out!

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