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                                     First HOH comp of the season! ENDURANCE!

Well  Nothing like seeing Big lips and tongue.
Heard that McCrea got the win  for the first HOH, Cant wait to see it for myself.
Already see Some Ladies thinking they the hotest in the house..HaHa
I see David is the hottie for the house and runner up maybe is Judd.
And the Red Dressed Blonde.. God I hope she goes soon her voice will drive me nuts..lol
What do you all think about Rachel's Sister? Please don't be whiny like her. But I must say Rachel was a good Comp Player, Lets see if dear Sister is the same.
  1. They was dropping like flies.. first down, Judd very suprising. And only 35 minutes into the show and during the Comp,Other guests guessed the first Secret of the show. Who Looked like someone they seen before? Yep They guessed Elissa is Rachels Sister. Well Duh, Can't you see the resemblance. McCrea wins HOH and even makes a first deal with Nick to not put him up on the block. Will he keep his promise? The 3rd Nominee will be done by the MVP, which will be chosen by America by Voting. So make sure you Vote America. Jeremy won Never Not, which means he has a free pass to not be included in the Have Nots. Poor David got some White Bread..lol Next week on Tuesday they will let you know who will be the MVP winner. So stay tune for next show on Sunday at 8 pacific time. So tell me America did the guests give in earlie being its the first Comp of the season? I think most did. Come on guys try harder, As Rachel say's... "Floaters you better grab a life vest."


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