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First Episode

First Episode

What a great premiere!
Awaiting the live feed, so far this is what the current alliances look like.
Alright, so we have what was the first formed alliance this episode. Jeremy, Howard, and Spencer. I think this alliance is not really going to last, and was just a quick foundation in case any of these boys won the HOH challenge. Especially since Jeremy jumped off for the Never Not pass!

The second formed alliance! Although there is no name, I think Jessie would like to call it something along the lines of the Good-Looking Crew. This alliance includes Jeremy, David, and Jessie. Once again, I think this was just a quick insurance alliance. However, I think Jessie is really relying on these boys based on what she said about girls coming after her. Maybe it's because she thinks she is so hot?

So far, we have no solid alliances and the houseguests are hanging out in the HOH room or playing beauty shop. Stay tuned for more updates!

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