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Drama, Fights and Showmances!

Drama, Fights and Showmances!

Hey there, hailing here from the flat plains of the Midwest. And things are already heating up in sunny California! It’s hard to believe that the house guests have only been in the house for 6 days and so much has already happened. Let’s start with the showmances, first you have David, the lifeguard and the Texas cutie, Aaryn. They seem to have very quickly attached to each other. From watching the feeds, they really seem to lean on one another, which could be their downfall. Then you have, the triangle, sweet little conceited Jessie, the Minnesota bartender, Kaitlyn and the overly confident muscle head, Jeremy. What seems to have started as only a connection between Kaitlyn and Jeremy, turned into Jessie also falling for Jeremy and feelings have already been hurt. What does everyone think of these “love” bonds?

Now let’s get to the DRAMA! Wow, does it seem like people are playing very fast and very hard. Elissa, Rachel’s sister is making no friends, and maybe not entirely because of her own actions. People appear to be very threatened that she is related to Rachel and as we all may have expected it has put a huge target on her back. The house guests are bound and determined to get her out. There have apparently been arguments between Elissa and Aaryn, which Elissa claims was nothing turned into something big and that they had a secret alliance, but Aaryn was maybe playing the “we aren’t friends” game a little too rough. Elissa then confronted her and things did not turn out very good. It has now turned the two into maybe the biggest enemies in the house. Then today, after the MVP nomination was announced as David, Jeremy in defense of his bromance, questioned Elissa about the truth of her sister’s identity and brought back up a conversation that happened prior to live feeds.  Elissa felt he was bullying her and accused him of being abusive. Jeremy did not exactly respond positively to that, telling her if she had somewhere to go to get out of the room. They went back and forth in the HOH until everyone felt very uncomfortable. I could feel the tension through the computer. Yikes! Sounds like that is not quite over either! All drama seems at this point to surround Elissa, not much unlike Rachel. What do you guys think? All players are pumped to play POV.

Overall, its already turning into a fun and crazy summer. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you! Enjoy the show!!

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