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Big Brother 15 Alliances

Big Brother 15 Alliances

Hey guys,
My name is Katie and I come out of beautiful Orange County, California. I am so stoked for this season of Big Brother and can't wait for the premiere in only a couple of hours! As most of you know, alliances are always changing in this game and this season I want to make sure I keep you up to date. So while we wait for the big premiere, I would like to hear your thoughts on the game. Who do you think will be the new MVP? Who will win the first HOH? How is the new three nominee rule going to work out? Who do you think will team up first? Either way, it is going to be a great season and I look forward to keeping everyone in the loop on what is going on inside the Big Brother house.  I'm Katie, and so long from what I wish was the Big Brother house.

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